What Skills Does an MSP Recruiter Desire Most When Hiring?


Cover the Hard and Soft Skills for a Rewarding Career Direction

Are you a skilled IT professional considering approaching an MSP recruiter? There are plenty of reasons you should.

As well as delivering a variety of work that will enhance your self-development and your resume, the work can be highly rewarding financially. You will also be joining a growth sector.

According to research published by Fortune Business Insights, the global MSP market – which stood at $200 billion in 2019 – is expected to grow to almost $500 billion by 2027. Spectacular growth of more than 12% each year.

Benefits of Working for an MSP

MSPs offer tremendous advantages to their clients. Often, they take over all aspects of IT operations. Other times they may work on specific projects (designed to bring about rapid digital transformation, for example).

Though some partnerships can be short term, it is not unusual for an MSP to be contracted for several months running into years. The benefits you could access include:

  • A greater variety of work – MSPs service several clients, and you are likely to benefit from this.
  • Exposure to state-of-the-art technologies – enhancing your skillset even further, and increasing your value as an IT professional.
  • Skills development – as well as the skills you learn by using up-to-date technology, inhouse departments may send you for specific training if required.
  • Improved job security – With several clients, an MSP could offer you multiple work opportunities. You are no longer at the mercy of a single employer.
  • Flexibility of work/life balance – you have greater control over the hours you work.

11 Skills to Demonstrate to an MSP

Because of the variety of work that MSPs deliver to their clients, a wide variety of skills could get you hired by an MSP recruiter. However, as well as technical skills you should also demonstrate the soft skills that are needed to work collaboratively and autonomously.

Here are just a few of the skills that make you stand out as a candidate to an MSP recruiter.

Technical Skills

·      Artificial Intelligence

Named as LinkedIn’s number one emerging role in 2020. Combine this with experience in machine learning and related skills such as Python and AWS, and you could be in demand.

·      Data Science and Analytics

Big data is revolutionizing how businesses develop products and services. To make it work for them, they need professionals who can collect and analyze their data. Major sectors that are investing in data science include government, finance, and manufacturing.

·      Cybersecurity

Network security is a prime concern for businesses that collect and analyze data. With cyberattack on the increase (up 50% in 2019 alone), companies are spending heavily to protect their business from penetration and data theft.

·      Cloud Engineering

The cloud has exploded in recent years. Especially because of the rapid move to remote working motivated by COVID-19, cloud engineering expertise is in high demand – Forrester predicts the market will grow by 35% between 2019 and 2021 to £120 billion. Cloud engineers, clous architects, and AWS specialists are particularly sought.

·      Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is at the heart of many transformation initiatives, with TechRepublic reporting that 79% of companies in the United States launched IoT projects because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

·      Mobile Technology

The use of mobile devices to access data and the internet continues to grow. App developers are in demand by companies who want to connect to customers more effectively.

·      Blockchain

The potential uses for blockchain technology cover every aspect of modern life. Key skills to enable companies to benefit include use of programming languages that include Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript. Networking and database skills are also highly relevant.

This, of course, is not a comprehensive list of technical skills that are in demand. We could discuss the key skills that we are continually hiring for a long time, including robotics, project management, software engineering, low and no-code platforms, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computing, and so on.

Soft Skills

·      Communication

Excellent written and verbal skills are prerequisite for success when working with an MSP. You will be communicating with many people with different levels of knowledge in your specialist field. You will need to communicate equally well with all.

·      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Your work will require an innate ability to process and analyze information objectively to make rational judgments. You should be able to assess the value of information collected and presented, to solve problems quickly and methodically.

·      Teamwork

Whether working remotely or on site, you will be required to collaborate with others, displaying a positive attitude when coordinating work, providing feedback, and seeking to influence decision making.

·      Time Management

Much of your work may be autonomous in nature. You will need to manage your diary and prioritize tasks to benefit yourself, your team, and the project on which you are working. Scheduling, management of expectations, and task management are all highly rated by an MSP.

In addition to these key soft skills, you should also have a good work ethic and be dependable and adaptable.

Are You Ready to Step Up to Life with an MSP?

Working with an MSP can re-energize a career, provide you with better job security, free your earning potential, and rebalance your work/life routines. As an MSP recruiter, we are continually searching for talented IT and technology professionals. Do you have the tech and soft skills to excel in this highly rewarding market?

To discover how your career and life could benefit from the TotalTek advantage,  contact us today.