Color me Cynical – Letting Politics Outweigh Value in Shipbuilding

By Joseph Stark, Vice President Engineering, TotalTek Over the past 20 years, what is apparent to me is that repeatedly…

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TotalTek’s SAP pricing utility saves time and enhances your bottom line

Organizations of all types are confronting an array of costly issues – supply chain bottlenecks still constrain inventories[1], inflation is…

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Digital Transformation

Making Digital Transformation Work

Digital transformation: It’s a concept that used to be only on the IT wish-list. However, it was greeted by skepticism…

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computer programming languages

The Evolution of Computer Programming Languages – Part One: From the 1940s through the 1970s

Author: Michael Herman, TotalTek Director of Business Transformation. This is the first entry in a series that will follow the…

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recruiting problems

Fundamental Recruiting Problems (and How to Avoid Them)

Sometimes the complexity of today’s job market makes the prospect of securing an engineer or developer seem impossible. After all,…

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A Shot of Confidence for Your Contractor Career

In any career, confidence can make a difference in helping a professional grow their skills and boost their value. It…

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Stop Blaming the Talent Shortage and Start Reaching Skilled Developers

According to the November 2021 State of the Developer Nation report by SlashDataTM, the second half of 2021 featured a…

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What Type of Worker Is Best: Consider Your Next Tech Resource Decision

When it comes to finding technology talent, hiring managers typically make their resource decisions based on experience. So, for example,…

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Simple Questions to Expand Your Technology Career

Whether you are a committed freelancer or seek a path to a permanent role, you are very likely to struggle…

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