Deliver projects on time, within budget, and exceed stakeholder expectations.

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PMO Solutions Overview

Our PMO strategies help our clients reduce their project delivery costs and timelines while also implementing effective organizational change management processes that deliver benefits to their organization.

TotalTek offers best-in-class project managers and business analysts to supplement existing projects or implement an entire PMO solution. We apply best practices, proven processes, and industry standard templates so that clients can complete more projects, meet deadlines, reduce costs, and improve project quality.

TotalTek takes the time to understand specific client needs so we can offer qualified talent via the best-suited delivery model whether that is staff augmentation, direct hires, consulting services, or customized outsourced solutions. For staff augmentation or direct hires, TotalTek provides top-quality professionals who are thoroughly screened and tested – then supported by our internal PMO.

Benefits & Offerings

TotalTek’s PMO offerings extend well beyond delivering projects that meet deadlines and budgets and include more value to -

  • Select projects to pursue that don’t overlap or compete with other initiatives.
  • Improve project manager and business analyst performance.
  • Communicate project goals and progress effectively and transparently to leadership and stakeholders to foster widespread organizational engagement and support.
  • Apply organizational change management enabling widespread adoption of the solution.

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PMO Solutions Experts


Linda Lindstrom

Vice President of PMO

Linda has been providing program, portfolio, project, and organizational change management solutions and services for over 15 years. As the leader of the TotalTek PMO, Linda is passionate about providing customized solutions and guidance on industry leading best practices to clients across many verticals, business partners and team members.


Karla Niemuth

Business Analyst & Quality Assurance Practice Lead

With more than 20 years of business analyst experience, including user experience design, implementation, support of applications, data analytics, and consulting, Karla is an IT Leader who continuously strives to add value to organizational processes and change.

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