Managed Service Provider – How Do You Do More with Less?


Access the Benefits of an MSP Partnership

For many years, managed service providers have delivered many benefits to organizations of all sizes. For example, when we work with a client, we use a methodical approach to provide a resource team to exceed project goals, from concept through implementation.

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, managed service providers offer peace of mind and several other benefits that could potentially impact daily work and your bottom line. So, how do you maximize the benefits?

It’s your business and you are paying for a service. You want to get the most out of your relationship with your managed service provider. So, what are these benefits and how do you maximize them?

Benefits of an MSP

There are many benefits of working with an MSP as a partner to your business. Here are four of the main advantages you should expect to benefit from:

1.     Immediate Expert Support

Time is money. An unpredictable IT outage and the time struggling to resolve the problem could end up costing your business significantly. With an MSP, you will be able to immediately access an expert to solve your problem and get right back on track.

2.     Overall Productivity

When your technology can’t keep up with your business, that costs your business money. Too often, your employees spend too much time trying to fix tech problems. This takes them away from their core responsibilities. With specialized support, you stay on track and remain focused on your priorities.

3.     Small Investment/Predictable Monthly Cost

With a managed service provider, you don’t have to go and buy a ton of hardware or software at once. Rather, you pay for a service through a monthly cost making it an operational cost. This means you don’t have to tie up as many resources in managing your technology projects. You know exactly what your budget is and what service you will receive.

4.     Business Scale

As your business grows, so should its support structure. No matter the size of your business, a managed service provider is flexible and capable of expanding or contracting depending on the needs of your business.

Get the Most Out of Your MSP

Here are six partnership strategies to employ when you hire an MSP:

1.     Set Expectations

What are you looking for from your MSP? Be clear with what your expectations are for their performance.

2.     Ask Questions

It’s important to understand each other’s capabilities. Many MSP providers appear the same, but one may be able to offer you more of what you are seeking for your business.

3.     Establish Responsibilities

With an MSP, you’re about to pass along some of the work. Understand ownership roles so you can work with your MSP to plan out the rest of your technology strategy.

4.     Communicate

Just as it is important for your MSP to communicate with you, you need to communicate with them. If an issue arises, reach out before your next scheduled check-in. Trust their experience and expertise and be prepared to incorporate their recommendations as quickly as possible.

5.     Plan for the Future

While you may only need certain things now, your needs are likely to evolve and shape your technology requirements. Plan ahead so you can avoid causing a major impact on your project or to your budget.

6.     Let It Work

Keep calm. An MSP’s job is to help fix any issue as quickly as possible. They will identify a problem through their systems and will work to resolve it, acting proactively to help improve flow and delivery.

Are You Ready for a Beneficial Partnership?

Ready to work with an MSP? TotalTek offers a managed service specializing in Engineering and IT solutions. We have expended our capabilities to better serve companies in their niche industries to get the most out of their services and quickly resolve your engineering and IT problems, and deliver successful projects with you.

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