What Digital Skills Are in Demand Post-COVID?


Identify the Skills That Make You Highly Valued

Digital skills are in high demand. Data from McKinsey & Company shows that digital adoption has leapt forward by five years, and remote working practices have become commonplace.

The same report also identifies that the levels of remote working are likely to remain higher than pre-pandemic levels for some time.

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, companies are likely to embrace digital technology and processes to an even greater extent. Talented individuals are likely to command higher salaries and more rewarding roles.

In this article, we examine the digital skills that will help you land the best jobs in technology with the best employers as they ramp up hiring in the post-Covid growth economy.

Programming, Web and App Development

With coding being the engine of tech and digital products and services, the most in-demand skills required in the tech industry are core languages in:

  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Code Ingniter
  • Angular

Knowledge is required for these programming and web and app development roles, but expertise is what the biggest companies will be seeking. This is especially so for emerging tech such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With your specialty in these fields, you’ll be in demand to assist in the growth of a new generation of technology.

Data Visualization and Digital Design

Companies need creative ability when designing a dynamic user experience for apps, websites, and digital services.

Businesses also seek highly skilled professionals for data visualization, to provide crucial insight from data that is collected and analyzed. An accurate visualization of complex data will assist companies in making business decisions that could make or break the potential growth of the business. If you’re highly skilled in this field, you’ll be in demand and handsomely rewarded.

Digital Project Management

Though certainly not new to the tech world, the role of digital project management is an essential cog in tech companies. As a project manager, you’ll oversee the development project of the end-product within a set timeframe, and within cost constraints.

You’ll be in greater demand with an understanding of SCRUM and AGILE, and with a deep knowledge on how a product or service evolves from design to completion.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Data is only useful to businesses when it is collected routinely, profoundly analyzed, and interpreted accurately. Therefore, data analysts are a critical and highly effective resource within tech companies. If you’re highly skilled, you’ll be in demand globally. A McKinsey & Co. report has identified a shortfall of around 190,000 data analysts in the United States alone.

With your expert ability to make decisions based on data, you’re sure to enjoy a solid career and a highly attractive salary.

AI and Automation

Both artificial intelligence and automation are becoming increasingly mainstream across all industries. Companies are discovering ways to develop their workflow and productivity in workplaces, across remote teams, and within their products and services. As a result, more companies need employees who are skilled in AI and automation.

If you’re knowledgeable in AI and automation and can demonstrate an ability to resolve complexities within ever-developing technologies, you will be highly attractive to employers. With such skillsets, you’re likely to enjoy greater responsibility, greater career advancements within the company, and, of course, a higher salary to reflect your ability.

Showcase Your Digital Skills and Stand Out from Competition

In today’s world, possessing and demonstrating digital skills could be your passport to incredible opportunities in tech jobs. The devastating effects of the pandemic has accelerated development in the world of technological development, keeping the world connected, engaged, operating, and learning.

The demand for digital skills is large and growing, and supply is struggling to keep pace. Don’t lose out on your dream tech job to another candidate who has that extra edge. Deepen your knowledge in AI and automation. Enhance your ability to analyze data and make decisions from it. Push your creative limits in digital design. Widen your capabilities in programming and development. Stand out from the others, so that employers identify your uniqueness from the off.

Finally, and most importantly, let your digital skills be known. Get in touch with a specialist staffing agency. Let us help you explore the incredible digital tech opportunities that demand your skillset. Contact TotalTek today.