7 Business Process Automation Trends to Hire for in 2021


The Trends That Will Shape Your 2021 with Efficiency and Agility

Business process automation trends are key indicators of the talent you need to hire. Therefore, if you believe that companies will continue to chase efficiency and agility in 2021 and beyond (who doesn’t?), then you must consider building your hiring strategy around these trends.

Business Process Automation (BPA) Is a Key Business Strategy in 2021

In a global survey conducted in 2020, McKinsey & Company found that two-thirds of businesses are piloting solutions to automate one or more of their business processes. Fewer than one in five had no plans to pursue BPA.

The McKinsey & Company survey found that there are three factors that determine the success of BPA:

  1. Making automation a strategic priority
  2. Developing an operating model that enables scaling
  3. Focusing on the people as much as the technology

In this article, we look at the BPA trends that are likely to shape your hiring in 2021.

#1: Automating to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

When implemented into a business process, automation can routinely reduce cybersecurity threats. With many high-end sites imitated to steal data from individual users, automation plays a vital role in replacing individuals to detect false login pages and attacks.

BPA is an essential security blanket in the fight against cybersecurity threats. Therefore, businesses must ensure they have the right security automation tools and validation technologies in place – and the people to design, implement, and maintain them.

#2: Remote Working

With remote working here to stay, businesses must integrate BPA into their digital working practices to ensure continuity away from the structure of the office environment. Utilizing technology’s full ability in automation will also support businesses in their strengthening of:

  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Career growth perspectives

BPA is a crucial driver of employee productivity and customer experience, and businesses must incorporate it if they wish not to fall behind. Business process analysts can help to identify and support automation.

#3: Automation Will Be Used to Reduce Complexities

Automation will play a huge role in reducing complexities amongst remote teams and rapidly evolving technology. With automation comes repeatability and simplicity, and therefore reduced complexities in processes. This frees businesses and people to focus on more productive business needs.

#4: Prioritization of High-Value Workflows

Workflows streamline your business processes in a smart, efficient, productive, and cost-effective way. For a business to take advantage of all these benefits, BPA must be integrated to identify which workflows should be prioritized. Automation can achieve this through data analytics, orchestration of digital workflows, and workflows involving multiple connected critical business systems.

#5: 5G Will Drive Data-Driven Insights

5G is an exciting opportunity for your business to reach new performance heights, with data that will assist you in decision-making and business strategy. Using automation will ensure correct analysis of data and content interpretation through AI and cognitive capture.

Without automation, your business is at risk of having too much information, potentially misinterpreted.

#6: AI Will Become More Accessible

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly accessible across the economy. Smart automation platforms will integrate:

  • Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Optical Character Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing

AI will transform digital workflow, and dramatically increase productivity levels as a result. Data scientists and data engineers will be heavily involved in the integration of AI into BPA.

#7: Employee Experience Will Be Key to Hiring Tech Talent

Technical magnificence aside, there is the simple yet hugely beneficial advantage that automation provides, and that is the support that dramatically improves an employee’s experience.

For your business to surge forwards in 2021 and beyond, the focus on the experience you provide should be on your staff as well as your customers. Automation simplifies an employee’s workflow. It enables them to achieve their maximum potential with mundane tasks achieved by automation. Thus, employees will benefit from more stimulating and challenging work that helps to advance knowledge and careers, as well as improve morale.

With increased morale, engagement, and productivity, your organization and its people can reap the full benefits of BPA.

Focus on Business Process Automation in 2021

To succeed in 2021, you should include business process automation in your business strategy. Through implementation of a sophisticated automation workflow, you should dramatically reduce overheads, improve employee experience, become more efficient, and increase your bottom line in a highly optimized business.

To streamline your business processes and maximize the strength of your company in 2021, contact TotalTek today.