5 Tips to Eliminate the Skills Shortage in Python Developer Jobs


Hiring Strategies That Work

Python developer jobs are among the hardest roles to fill. There is no doubt that there is a skills shortage in both Python and Java. Data from Burning Glass shows that, despite the effect of COVID-19, software development jobs continue to be in high demand. How can you break through the skills shortage and hire the quality Python developers who will help take your business to a new level?

Why Is There a Shortage of Talented Python Developers?

The hottest areas in business are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data. Companies that onboard these disciplines and technologies are likely to be the ones who can scale up fastest and deliver to customer needs most effectively.

For many reasons, the most common programming languages within these areas are Python and Java. Hence, the demand for Python and Java developers – among the most requested tech skills in the Burning Glass analysis of advertised tech jobs.

Five Strategies to Beat the Skills Shortage

With high demand for Java and Python skills, you’re probably finding it difficult to recruit developers with the knowledge and expertise you need. We’ve identified five strategies that will help you overcome the shortage of skilled candidates in the market.

1.    Retrain and Retrain

This is the first step to consider. Your existing employees may be a good source of untapped enthusiasm and yearning for learning.  When you consider the amount of time it takes to hire the skills you require, retraining existing employees is a viable option that is often overlooked.

Your existing employees have the added benefit of understanding your organization, aligning with your values, and being a good cultural fit.

However, once retrained, the thrust of your strategy will need to move to retaining. You will need to ensure that they are not lured elsewhere by competitors who are employing for the skills you have helped your people to acquire.

What does a good retainment strategy look like? You’ll need to offer market-competitive salaries, further opportunities for personal growth, and perks and benefits that are commensurable with position. On top of this, work should be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

2.    Hire Faster

It’s not always possible to retrain existing employees. You may only be creating a shortage of staff internally, for which you will need to hire.

In this case, you must work harder to hire faster. The most talented Python developers are highly sought-after. They are likely to have several opportunities for career progression on the go simultaneously.

While the first job offer is not always the one that is accepted, if you delay too long you are likely to find your first-choice candidate (and probably your second and third choices) has been hired by a competitor.

Improve the pace of your hiring process, from the decision to hire through screening for Python developer roles, to interviewing and making the offer.

3.    Develop Your Talent Pipeline

This is a strategy that takes time to build and effort to maintain, but it is one that will pay dividends in droves.

The key tactics here include:

  • Developing professional networks
  • Creating an employee referral program
  • Maintaining a constant and consistent presence on social media
  • Staying in touch with previous candidates who were narrowly unsuccessful

Once you have these building blocks in place, you will find that your list of potential candidates grows progressively. You can then approach potential hires when you require them, speeding up the hiring process and delivering pre-qualified candidates.

4.    Outsource for Talent

It’s a big world. The skills shortage can be overcome by taking an approach that extends your reach. Outsourcing delivers a wider and deeper pool of talent to fill your roles. Your need for Python developers may be satisfied faster and more successfully by working with reputable IT solutions, as discussed in our article ‘How to hire for technology jobs and boost productivity’.

Remember too, that jobs such as Python and Java developer roles are highly suited to remote working – allowing you to access talent anywhere in the world.

5.    Partner with a Specialist Staffing Agency

You will rarely find the talent you seek on the big job boards or through generalist staffing agencies. The most talented candidates are more discerning. They work with agencies that they trust and that have deep connections within their specializations and target sectors.

Here at TotalTek we have developed a deep pool of some of the best technology talent in the world. To learn how easy it could be for you to access this talent pool, contact TotalTek today.