8 Tips to Compose a Killer Resume for AutoCAD Jobs


Your Resume Has One Job – Help it Achieve it

Applying for AutoCAD jobs can be daunting. You know it’s a competitive world, and even more so thanks to the pandemic.

The year 2020 has been disastrous for many reasons, one being the unemployment rate. According to BLS, the U.S. unemployment rate currently stands at 6.9%. That’s double the rate it was this time last year, but you shouldn’t let the numbers deter you.

One of the keys to a successful job search is getting your resume noticed. Achieve this, and you’ll take a big step ahead of your competition.

In this article, we share eight of our best tips to help you compose a killer resume for AutoCAD jobs. Apply these to your resume and you’ll be more likely to be invited to interview.

Tip #1: Commit

Get your mindset straight: this is going to take a dedicated approach. One resume can’t apply for every vacancy.

You must take time to tailor your resume for each job you are applying for. Thus, each employer will recognize that you are serious about the opportunity.

Tip #2: Employ Keywords

Many employers use an application tracking system to prevent big numbers of job hunters from simply pinging their resume over to every vacancy on a job site. Consequently, if your resume isn’t specific to the job description it probably won’t be put in front of the hiring manager.

Read the job description and pick out the keywords. Note the specific skills and descriptions that are asked for, such as ‘detail-oriented’ or ‘able to work methodically and accurately’, and sprinkle them into your resume text.

Tip #3: Sharpen the Focus

The resume is your chance to grab the employer’s attention. Don’t lose them because of long descriptions and unbroken text.

Keep sentences short and concise, and ensure any paragraphs are short. Make sharp statements that clarify your skills, abilities, and achievements.

Your resume should be less than three pages in length, and preferably no more than two pages. Recruiters haven’t got time to read life stories, and even exceptional candidates lose out because they lose the recruiter’s attention.

Include a personal statement that summarizes why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Tip #4: Don’t Over-Do the Design

Don’t be tempted to load your resume with fancy graphics and images.

Resist the temptation to include a profile picture. Some recruiters refuse to review resumes with profile pictures on, in respect for subconscious or conscious discrimination.

Additionally, some systems won’t be able to download your resume if they’re using a certain software that isn’t compatible with your format. Make sure you send your resume in the format requested by the hiring company.

In short, keep your resume neat and categorized into clear sections.

Tip #5: Sharpen Your Employment History

Start with your current or most recent job. This is what most recruiters look at first.

There is no need to list every single job you’ve had since the beginning of your working life. The hiring manager wants to see how your career has progressed, but they don’t need to know about jobs you have held that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for.

If you have employment gaps – due to redundancy or traveling, for example – don’t highlight them, but don’t hide them either. Include a simple explanation that can be explored further at the interview stage.

Tip #6: Proofread

Walk away from your resume, and read it through the next day with fresh eyes. Run it through spell check for any spelling and grammatical errors. Get a friend to read it. Read it line by line, starting from the last sentence.

You must make sure there are no errors that will hinder your image of being a detail-oriented candidate.

Tip #7: Detox your Social Media

Your resume may be a model for a successful job search campaign, but are you? Most employers now check social media profiles for the candidates they are considering interviewing. Make sure that your social media accounts match your resume and portray the professional image that will help you land a great job with a great employer.

Tip #8: Upskill

To stand out from the crowd, gain extra skills to enhance your professional development and your resume. Improve both technical and soft skills, earning qualifications and certifications that confirm your credibility as a quality candidate.

To Sum Up

Unemployment rates may be high, but it’s becoming even harder for recruiters to find the real talent amongst the masses. Presenting yourself as the perfect candidate starts with a well-honed, professional resume.

By employing these eight tips when composing your resume, you’ll make the hiring manager’s first job easier: to invite you for interview.

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