How Fast Should You Make Your Job Offer in Tech Jobs?


The Hiring Tips You Must Know

Talent for tech jobs is being hired fast. According to a survey, top talent gets hired by recruiters in just 10 days. Then there is the tech talent shortage that you are battling against.

There’s no doubt about it – you need to act fast to get the best people on board, or else you’ll lose out to your competitors.

How can you speed up your hiring strategy, and get the quality candidates you need?

Here, we give you nine tips to hire faster and get the best candidates agreeing to your job offer.

9 Tips to Hire Faster

The key to remember is, you must hire for quality, not quantity. When you refine your search for talent, you waste less time. Here’s how, with these nine tips.

1.     Establish a Hiring Process

Yes, this takes time. But hiring is a long game, and an ongoing necessity. You must establish a mapped structure that will ensure all hiring efforts are swift and effective. This documented process will help you schedule better, and establish strict deadlines and criteria that will dramatically decrease your time to hire.

2.     Nourish Your Talent Pipeline

A pipeline of talent helps you prep the talent you need, before you need it.

Hiring new staff is a time-consuming process. But if you have an effective talent pipeline, it will help you to hire employees faster and retain your staff for longer. Your employees will love the career progression it provides. You’ll need to continuously monitor your in-house progress and invest in the resources to train them, too.

3.     Work on Your Reputation

Your employer brand is critical to attracting the most talented tech candidates. The best in the business will often already be courted with a competitor. You must give them a reason to look your way. A strong, relevant, and exciting social media presence is a great way to do this. Most importantly, if you look after your employees, you’ll become the employer great candidates want to spend their career with.

4.     Have a Referral Program

Your employees are your best advocates, and a trusted source of reliable talent. Referral programs are a great way to hire faster. You can find passive job seekers and hire them with the help of referrals.

5.     Work on Passive Candidates

73% of the workforce are passive, so posting an ad on a jobs board is not enough. You must employ a hiring team – or better still, a specialist recruiter – who know where to look and how to entice passive candidates to explore an opportunity with you.

6.     Develop an Expert Hiring Team

Your hiring team must be experts in their field, and know who they’re looking for. Give talent the reassurance they need in interview by facing them with a panel of interviewers who know their stuff. They should also have an agreed criteria to swiftly decide who is best for the job and why.

7.     Get Your Job Description Right

Get your job description wrong and you’ll open the floodgates to inappropriate candidates, or undersell your organization as an employer. Your ad should be inviting, exciting, and dazzling, with a vision of innovation and progression, yet strict, direct, and concise. Read our article on the mistakes to avoid.

8.     Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits

If you want the best in the industry, you need to offer a competitive package. Do some research on what the role demands on average, then create a bespoke package. Suggest a conversation on perks unique for the candidate, and ask them what they desire, such as flexibility, or paid training, for example.

9.    Partner with a Specialist Staffing Agency

You may have noticed one key element in this article – there is no quick fix when it comes to hiring talent fast. Here at TotalTek, we’ve spent years nurturing our talent pool, refining our expertise and communications with talented tech people, discovering how and where best to source newly-merging and highly experienced candidates alike. And you can gain access immediately.

Of course, we want to take a moment to understand your business and its hiring needs. But then the rest you can leave to us. Let us source the talent you need and bring them to your interview room. Contact TotalTek today and see for yourself.