Why Do Hiring Companies Use Staffing Agencies?


7 Benefits of Collaborating with a Staffing Agency

A major reason that hiring companies use staffing agencies is that it’s getting harder to recruit high-quality technology staff. A Modis survey found that 80% of tech and engineering managers report a gap between their staffing requirements and the talent available. Further, only around half of the applications they receive have the skills they need.

When you use a staffing agency, you gain immediate access to a wider and deeper pool of talent. This is not the only benefit that you’ll experience, though.

Here we outline seven of the ways our clients have told us that working with TotalTek has positively impacted their hiring capacity and therefore their business.

Staffing Agency Vs Recruitment Agency

First, let’s highlight the difference between a staffing agency and a recruitment agency:

  • A recruitment agency focuses on filling full-time positions for their clients
  • A staffing agency supplies people to their clients, usually on a short/medium-term contract

A staffing agency may also help their clients fill permanent positions with direct hire services, in much the same way that a recruiter would.

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Here are seven benefits that are repeated often to us by our clients.

1.    “A Wider, Deeper Pool of Talent”

We’ve built up a wide network of talented people that we can tap into when given a brief by a client. From project managers through to end-user support professionals, our reach is to some of the most talented people in the tech and engineering world.

When you come to us with a specific project or role that you need to fill, we often already know the person or people you need. We know their skills, their talent, and their employability. Because we’ve had feedback on our talent pool, we’ll only present the most suitable candidates to you (because we also get to know you, too).

2.    “You Save Me Money”

It’s not a question of doing things cheaply, but doing things right and cost-effectively. You don’t need to advertise. There is no pre-employment screening that you must do. You don’t need to create additional payroll employees. And with the skillset we access, you’ll save on training and onboarding.

On top of this, you don’t pay any of the add-ons associated with full-time employees. Contracted employees are on our payroll.

3.    “Flexibility to Meet Demand”

Many technology and engineering projects require specific skills for a limited amount of time. There may also be times when you require cover for absent staff or a team to complete bespoke work for a customer.

Sourcing staff through a staffing agency allows you the flexibility to meet varying demand quickly, and without the cost of hiring full-time employees. When your project ends, we pull the staff away and you are not left with an employee or team you don’t need who is eating away at your bottom line.

4.    “You Move Fast”

Being so connected to talent, a staffing agency can move fast for you. After the initial discussion of your requirements, we can have the people you need in place in a few days. This is because we nurture talent, building relationships with the skilled people that you need.

If you’re fed up with the time it takes to hire technology staff – an average of 51 days in the United States, according to 8allocate – then we really need to speak. Our oven-ready talent pool is there to be put to work.

5.    “It’s a Slick Process”

It’s not only the depth of our pool that is beneficial to you. We’ve screened potential candidates, got to know them, understand them and their motivations, and tested their skillsets. We handle the paperwork, coordinate interviews, and keep everyone informed. The result is a super slick process for you, saving you time and money and letting you focus on what you do best – your business.

6.    “You Understand Us Better Than We Do!”

We’ve got some of the top people in the engineering and technology fields on our team. This means that we can help you diagnose your issues and develop cost-effective staffing solutions and strategies to them.

As a specialized staffing agency, we also have deep market knowledge, meaning we can keep you updated on market trends, technologies, and competitive pressures. Staffing to your needs is a critical decision for you, and our specialist knowledge can be an invaluable asset.

7.    “You’re Focused from the Start”

Our focus is on you. We’ll provide data that you just won’t receive from other staffing agencies, continually challenging ourselves to improve performance for you. We provide guidance to you, based on your goals and company specifics.

You’re Challenged. We’re Ready.

With the pace of change in today’s marketplace, companies like yours are finding it increasingly difficult to hire for their flexible needs. A staffing agency should have the capacity to move quickly and decisively for you.

Our agility to offer bespoke solutions at pace, with incredibly talented and skilled people within our talent pool, and remaining focused on your needs and the changing environment, is what ensures our clients return time after time. Ask yourself:

  • Are your recruitment processes failing you?
  • Is your staffing agency failing to live up to its promise?
  • Is your big-ticket consultant failing to deliver cost-effectiveness and crosshair focus?

It’s time to contact TotalTek and discover why our difference will be the difference that matters to you.