Making Digital Transformation Work

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: It’s a concept that used to be only on the IT wish-list. However, it was greeted by skepticism in many circles, arriving with a promise of a more efficient enterprise and bringing the potential for big implementation headaches and user adoption and cost issues. Some of the concerns may remain, but organizations today…

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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in A Digital Transformation 

Planning and Execution Are the Keys to Successful Digital Transformation Digital transformation is being executed by businesses across all sectors. Done correctly, it’s a massive, dynamic project that rethinks the role of the business. But because digital transformation is unique to each business, there isn’t a clear path to take. The road to success can…

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What Skills Do You Need to Drive Your Digital Transformation?

Your Strategic Options to Acquire Digital Talent The need for rapid digital transformation has never been greater. Yet a lack of skilled candidates is holding you back. This is what a survey of 1,500 decision makers in global enterprises found in mid-2020. To combat this problem, we suggest you be clear on the skills you…

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