Staff Augmentation – Is It the Solution to Your Tech Future?


The Tool You Need for Your Tech Team to Surge Ahead

Could staff augmentation be the solution to developing growth and innovation in your tech team, at a time when a skills shortage in an uncertain market is hampering your progress?

You’re certainly not the only tech company struggling to find the right people. Statistics by ManpowerGroup show that 69% struggled to fill positions in 2020, with tech positions being the most challenging. Furthermore, the BLS forecasts that the demand for tech professionals will grow rapidly for the rest of this decade. Software developer jobs, for example, are predicted to grow by 22% by 2029.

In this article, you’ll learn how staff augmentation could provide the skills, expertise, and experience you need when you need it.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy. It is a powerful tool that provides leverage for you to increase agility and respond to your business objectives and requirements.

This may be for a certain project, or to adjust to workload spikes and demands. It’s a contingency strategy that allows you to adapt to a volatile market with the right people on board.

The Solution

Staff augmentation used to be implemented to borrow in-house staff to temporarily fulfil absences elsewhere. Today, as business and staffing agility becomes increasingly vital for tech, staff augmentation is providing solutions in various ways, including:

  • Specialized skills – hiring the experts on a short-term basis to bring value to a project or fulfil client demand
  • Maximized output – fulfilling temporary spikes in demand with a full house of staffing
  • Flexibility – enhancing your competitive advantage, be it through speed or agility in core skills
  • Talent pipeline – creating a bridge to discover strong candidates and potentially hire long-term

Staff augmentation is highly cost-effective. You manage your staffing in according to your business needs. Post-Covid, staff augmentation is likely to be a game-changing decision for tech companies who want to emerge stronger.

When to Use Staff Augmentation

There are various reasons you may wish to utilize staff augmentation, including:

  • Short-term projects – outsourcing specialized skills you’ll not require after completion
  • Top secret business developments – carefully executed, this can protect your staff from the risk of confidential exposure to competitors
  • Increase speed on delivery – ramping up manpower to deliver quality projects or products faster than competitors
  • Staff turnover prevention – avoiding skeletal levels ensures your staff don’t suffer burnout and bail

There are different types of staff augmentation, and which you’ll use will depend on what you’re set to achieve:

  • Commodity – no specific skillset required, but reliability and a team-playing work ethic
  • Skills-based – Though the level of skill is not critical, certain abilities are required to fulfil your staffing void
  • Highly-skilled – Advanced skills required to achieve business objective

Assessing your goals – and who you need on board to achieve them – will ensure you maximize the benefits of a staff augmentation strategy.

What to Consider

Though staff augmentation is an exceptional staffing tool for competitive advantage and agility, it can have a negative financial impact if not monitored and adjusted accordingly.

The key to positive staff augmentation is flexibility. You’ve worked hard to ensure you’ve incorporated the automation trends to free up your tech staff. It is key that you now benefit from flexible access to the right outsourcing.

As a specialist tech staffing agency, we will ensure you employ staff augmentation to its full advantage. We will help you smooth out the peaks and troughs in your staffing levels as the market changes, bringing in skillsets when you need them and retrieving them when it’s no longer beneficial to your business.

Which Staff Augmentation Model Is Right for You?

Staff augmentation is a hugely effective tool, smoothing the turbulence in an everchanging market today and into the future.

It provides a solution to the various demands your tech department will face, from innovative projects to spikes in demand, and the need to call upon specialized skillsets to enhance quality on products and outcomes, while maintaining healthy and reflective finances.

At TotalTek, we execute the perfect staff augmentation model unique to your business needs. We have the nurtured talent pool of skills on demand, providing the flexibility that will ensure your organization is consistently running at maximized effectiveness. It’s the staffing strategy that will help you emerge stronger today and, in the future, helping you to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Contact TotalTek today and see how we can provide the augmentation your staffing needs.