5 Reasons the Best Candidates Reject Your Offer for Scrum Master Jobs

Start Selling Your Company to the Candidate Employing the most talented candidates into Scrum Master jobs is crucial for the performance of your scrum teams. They ensure that the scrum framework is implemented correctly and that the team delivers outcomes effectively. Despite your best efforts, though, you’re finding it hard...

Hiring for a Scrum Master – How Much Should You Pay?

Factors That Affect a Scrum Master Salary According to Glassdoor, a scrum master is one of the 25 highest paying jobs in the United States. In the Agile environment, the role of a scrum master is key. He or she is a servant leader of a scrum team, ensuring the...

Is Your DevOps Capability the Key to Speed Up Your Transition to S/4HANA?

Automate to Facilitate Lower-Risk, Lower-Cost Change The speed with which you transition to S/4HANA could depend upon your DevOps capability. Though the deadline for transition has been extended, the speed with which you make the move could determine its success. Automating the process with DevOps will accelerate and de-risk your...

Keep Your Project Manager Safe in the Post-Lockdown World

7 Safety Steps for a Healthy Workplace to Beat COVID-19 As the United States de-escalates from its COVID-19 lockdown, the project manager is likely to be in high demand. McKinsey Global Institute forecasts forecasts that the world economy ‘could be back on track by early 2021’. Around the world, trillions...

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