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Information Technology Jobs Are Key to Digital Transformation in Banking and Finance

Your Online Capability Is Key to Long-Term Success Information technology jobs in banking are replacing traditional banking jobs at quite a pace, and with good reason. According to a recent survey from Provident Bank, only two in 10 banking customers prefer going into a bank branch rather than conducting their...

Maximize Your Technology Jobs in a Hybrid Business Model

5 Key Strategies to Maximize the Benefits of Onshore and Offshore Technology Teams Companies are increasingly seeking to benefit from the advantages of blending onshore and offshore technology jobs. However, this strategy does not come without challenges. In this article, we look at some of the major hurdles to be...

Keep Your Project Manager Safe in the Post-Lockdown World

7 Safety Steps for a Healthy Workplace to Beat COVID-19 As the United States de-escalates from its COVID-19 lockdown, the project manager is likely to be in high demand. McKinsey Global Institute forecasts forecasts that the world economy ‘could be back on track by early 2021’. Around the world, trillions...

How to Hire for Technology Jobs and Boost Productivity

Agile Adoption via Contract and Outsourcing In the digital age, advances in technology have not led to the advances in productivity we may have expected. In fact, a decrease in productivity improvements appears to have coincided with the fastest rate of technological change in history. Research shows that: In 2019,...

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