How to Hire Tech Talent in a Fast-Moving Industry


Don’t Let Your Hiring Process Slow You Down

Tech talent is in short supply – the exact opposite needed to meet increasing demand in a fast-moving tech-dominated industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified this demand in numbers, projecting a growth forecast much faster than all other occupations, at 11% from 2019 to 2029.

Such demand has mostly been created because of increased:

  • Remote working populations
  • Cloud computing
  • Collection and storage of big data
  • Information security

As a business in the tech industry, you need to know how to adapt and adjust your business processes and decisions, to ensure you hire the tech talent required to keep pace in this fast-moving industry.

Understand Your Hiring Goals

With a shallow talent pool in a fiercely competitive market, you must understand your hiring goals. The best tech talent is most attracted to companies who implement automation into their business processes, to:

  • Reduce complexities
  • Prioritize high-value workflows
  • Maximize use of 5G and artificial intelligence
  • Automate and therefore enhance cybersecurity
  • Improve remote working ability

All these factors will contribute toward a candidate’s high-end employee experience. With the use of the latest hot IoT applications to hire for 2021 for smarter workplaces, smarter remote working, enhanced efficiency and increased security, your hiring goals will achieve the best in tech talent wanting to work with you.

Conduct a Staffing Needs Analysis

You may well conduct reviews on the technology you use, or your client needs. But it’s also critical to regularly assess your competitive landscape, and the people you are seeking to hire. When hiring, you must clearly identify the gaps in your staffing needs:

  • Examine your current state
  • Determine your business goal
  • Identify improvement areas or where change is needed
  • Distinguish the gaps between your current state and where you want to be
  • Clarify who it is you’re looking for to fill the voids, and the skills they’ll have

Consider flexible staffing to ramp up your levels during projects to support your workforce. It’s time to think outside the box on how tech talent can provide that top layer that will see you surge ahead of your competitors.

Develop a Talent Pipeline

Your talent pipeline should consist of both active and passive candidates, nurtured for the time when their talent can hugely contribute to your business. If we didn’t know already, 2020 taught us that preparation is vital in this volatile world.

The key advantages to developing a talent pipeline are:

  • Reduced time to hire
  • Minimized disruption to business and workforce
  • ‘Warmed-up’ recruitment process
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Hiring the best in tech talent

Despite these attractive advantages, developing a talent pipeline can be very costly in time and finances. Your business must invest on resources to nurture relationships with talent for when a vacancy arises, and it’s not guaranteed to prove fruitful.

Partner with a Specialist Staffing Agency

Partnering with a specialist staffing agency is a highly effective way to enrich your ability to hire tech talent. Your business prides itself on its specialty, its expertise and quality of product. It is the same for a specialized staffing agency. We strive toward providing the best in the business to meet your staffing needs.

Our ability to source tech talent is strongly weighted by our expert knowledge in your field, your competitors, and the roles within them, as well as understanding your own requirements. From this information we can promote your employer brand through highly attractive marketing techniques and to passive candidates.

We have already invested a lot of time nesting talented candidates for vacancies like yours, so time to hire is often dramatically reduced.

As a specialist staffing agency, we remove the hugely time-consuming recruitment burden away from your business. While we focus on our specialty, you can focus on yours.


Tech is an incredibly fast-paced industry. Your client needs are changing constantly. Your goals must be continuously reviewed and adapted. Your staffing levels are likely to fluctuate, as projects change and the skills required to complete them follow suit.

Your staffing strategy is your key to achieving everything else – it’s paramount that you keep levels well maintained to support your current workforce, as well as ensure it consists of the tech talent needed to deliver quality in all you do.

Here at TotalTek, we work with experienced candidates at the top of their game. We’ll ensure your needs are met using a special formula based on your cultural fit, personality, and, crucially, the hard and soft skills of each candidate we present to you.

Take advantage of the benefits of partnering with a specialist staffing agency and accelerate your business growth by hiring better and faster. To do so, contact TotalTek today.