How Do You Maximize Your SAP Skills in the Jobs Market?


You Don’t Need to Remain Underutilized, Underpaid, and Unhappy

Do you possess SAP skills, yet remain underutilized, underpaid, or unhappy in your current role? Maybe all three?

Are You Maximizing Your Earnings Potential?

As an SAP consultant, your salary should be around $106k ( If you’re earning less than this, isn’t it time you took action to bump up your earnings? After all, there’s a big gap between those at the bottom of the earnings scale (around $83k) to those at the top ($124k+).

(Read our article, ‘Steps for SAP Pros to Get the Perfect Offer’ for tips to boost your salary.)

Are You Maximizing the Benefits of Being an SAP Consultant?

Of course, it’s not only your earnings that could be a source of dismay. You chose the SAP consultant route for the benefits it offered. Are these working out like you anticipated? Life as an SAP consultant should provide you with:

·      Flexibility

You should enjoy more flexibility of work hours and the potential to work remotely (at least part of the time). The ensuing improvement in your work/life balance is a major benefit of being a consultant. How is this working out for you?

·      Exposure to Many Clients

You enjoy meeting new people, and working on new challenges. Perhaps with little focus on a specific industry, but instead broadening your network of professional contacts and developing your resume. But it hasn’t worked out that way.

·      Continuous Learning

You are a natural learner, and you should be developing your skillsets continuously as a consultant. Have you instead found yourself executing the same work with every client you take on? If so, it’s no wonder you’re starting to feel stagnated. What’s more, if you don’t take on new challenges and improve your skillset, you may soon be left behind. That’s bad for your career and bad for your earnings potential.

·      Teamwork Opportunities

You should never feel alone as a consultant. You should be part of a team that supports each other, bouncing off shared ideas and experiences. Collaboration that will boost your career.

Are You Partnering with the Right Staffing Agency?

It’s hard to find the right agency to register with. SAP recruitment is hot right now, and many agencies have picked up SAP roles as a by-product of their focus. Or, the agency you started with may have spread itself so thin that you are now a number rather than a valued member of its team.

Discovering which agency you should be registered with should be a regular part of your life as a consultant. Here’s what you should do:

·      You Have Specialist Skills – So Should Your Agency

You’re a specialist with a specific skillset. You’re unlikely to find great SAP roles with a generalist agency. Employers of the best SAP consultants tend to go where they know they will find the talent they need. That may be you, but it won’t be if you’re not registered with the right agency.

·      Spend Time with Your Recruiter

Having found a specialist staffing agency, make sure you spend time with the recruiter who will be your contact point. You want to establish a personal connection. Remember, your aim is to maximize the benefits of being an SAP consultant as well as your earnings potential. If your recruiter doesn’t know you personally, how can they provide the best assignments for you?

·      Be Open About Your Career Objectives

Make a list of your career objectives, and make sure you share them. Be open about other aspects of your ideal role, too – hours, interests, challenges you want to take on, professional development you want to pursue, and so on.

Take the Next Positive Step in Your SAP Consultant Career

You don’t need to remain unfulfilled, unchallenged, and underpaid in your role as an SAP consultant. In fact, you mustn’t. It’s bad for your soul.

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