How Do You Land a High-Paying SAP Job?


Steps for SAP Pros to Get the Perfect Offer

Working an SAP job is an enviable position to be in. According to Zarantech, around 80% of Fortune 500 organizations that developers aspire to work for use SAP platforms.

As well as job satisfaction, an SAP job is handsomely rewarded. This is because:

  • Demand is higher than supply
  • Companies’ return on investment increases when using SAP consultants
  • The job itself is challenging and a skill deserving of good pay
  • High-budget and large-scale companies (Fortune 500) require SAP consultants, and can generally offer a higher salary than other IT fields

Though demand is higher than supply, the SAP market is becoming increasingly competitive.

With your mind set on landing a high-paying SAP job, it’s time to discover how you can challenge your competition and be the one who signs that attractive contract.

Paint Your Perfect Job

But before you start your job search, know exactly what you’re looking for. Start thinking about:

  • The type of company you want to work for. Look for companies whose values align with yours, in a culture that supports what’s important to you.
  • Where you want to work. SAP jobs can be as global or as local as you can reach, or you may want to work remotely. Location will hugely impact where and how you apply.
  • What salary you expect.
  • Employee benefits – not all companies focus on salary, but instead flexibility or other perks. What is important to you to support a rewarding career?

When you have an idea about where you want to be heading, spend time researching your targets in depth. Follow them online and connect with those who could make a difference to your career advancement either through learning or job opportunities.

Update Your Resume

Using keywords in job descriptions will ensure your resume is optimized for ATS. However, you want to stand out, don’t you? All candidates will be doing the same, sending in identical resumes.

It’s time to jazz it up by losing the cliches and boring jargon, and replacing them with your unique selling points. What have you achieved that makes you the best candidate? What skills will you bring to the table that others can’t?

Declutter your resume from paragraphs and waffle. Highlight figures and statistics in your achievements and grades. Grab the employer’s attention with concise evidence of your ability.

The Power of LinkedIn

Many recruiters now scout for talent on this professional platform, connecting with potential future SAP consultants.

LinkedIn accommodates over 500,000 SAP professionals, many SAP groups, and a large number of SAP job postings.

You must optimize your profile so that employers find you, and love what they see without even receiving a resume.

Connect with reputable employers and colleagues, and commit to maintain networking with likeminded professionals.

Polish Your Brand

It’s time to polish up the professional image you portray. Think about your unique qualities, and how you appear to the professional world.

Detox your social media from anything that may detriment a polished professional appearance. Wherever you are in the recruitment process, whether employers are scouting for talent or checking your resume, they will look at your online presence.

Do your own personal brand justice. Highlight your skills and accomplishments, professional interests, and credentials. Lose any inappropriate usernames, profile names, or email addresses.

Don’t Just Stay Abreast – Get Ahead

SAP is a competitive and dynamic market in which you must stay abreast with the latest developments, with matching skills and qualifications to keep pace. Gaining experience in new SAP products early on will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Join a Staffing Agency

Joining a specialist SAP staffing agency like TotalTek will drastically increase your ability to get in front of SAP employers.

They will have underground knowledge of upcoming vacancies. They can provide support in your application, house your resume ready to get in early on new SAP jobs, and alert you the moment they come in.

Summing Up

Along with an excellent salary, SAP jobs promise extremely rewarding careers with the most reputable and sizeable organizations. It’s the dream for many. By following the steps we’ve outlined above, you can make it a reality.

Contact TotalTek today. Your dream SAP job awaits.