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Engineers recruiting engineers – that’s the TotalTek difference.

Just because the demand for engineering services is soaring doesn’t mean you can’t have access to the high-quality teams you need. Our quality-focused and cost-effective approach to providing exceptional engineering services means clients can be assured of meeting project requirements and timelines. Our engineering expertise crosses a wide range of industries and disciplines, and our service delivery models are customized to fit your needs. Whether you need engineering professionals to deliver a portion of - or a complete end-to-end project - our engineers have the technical depth and project management expertise to meet your needs.

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Benefits & Offerings

TotalTek’s PMO offerings extend well beyond delivering projects that meet deadlines and budgets and include more value to -

  • Select projects to pursue that don’t overlap or compete with other initiatives.
  • Improve project manager and business analyst performance.
  • Communicate project goals and progress effectively and transparently to leadership and stakeholders to foster widespread organizational engagement and support.
  • Apply organizational change management enabling widespread adoption of the solution.
TotalTek’s PMO

Engineering Solutions Experts

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Joe Stark

Vice President of Engineering

A leader with over 25 years of experience in the shipbuilding, maritime, and engineering industry.  A retired Naval Officer, he is an exceptional leader, coach and mentor with a passion to develop the best in his Engineering teams. Joe has been the Director of Engineering at two US Shipbuilders, managed several CAT 1 government shipbuilding projects, and has unrivaled experience in the maritime industry.


Clayton Williams

Engineering Project Manager

A Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering specialist with 15+ years of proven success in the maritime industry. Clayton Williams has lead & managed numerous maritime projects from start to finish and has demonstrated an uncanny reputation for developing and delivering top products for commercial & government clients. Clayton's expertise and experience in the maritime industry, both new construction or repair, brings our team immeasurable value.

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