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A Services Provider Specializing in Engineering Solutions.

TotalTek's proven engineering service solutions generate results and ensure cost-efficiency, risk mitigation and flexible support for your program or project needs. Our comprehensive approach to product-based services, supported by industry-leading resourcing capabilities, affords program leaders with exceptional flexibility, improved schedule and cost performance, and mitigation of the risks associated with dynamic, high-velocity environments.

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Engineering & Design Services

The Expertise You Need When it Matters Most.

We offer multiple engineering capabilities, best-in-class service and specialized consultation based on your specific industry. This enables us to improve cost performance and reduce pressure on budget allocations without sacrificing schedule performance or product quality.

Shipbuilding/ Maritime

At TotalTek, we help our clients by providing either contracted assistance or turnkey solutions in functional and detail design, testing and validation, relations with classification agencies, ship repair, etc.  Our internal engineering team members are experienced in all the most prominent shipbuilding and construction software, including but not limited to ShipConstructor, Foran, AutoCAD, Inventor, Rhino, etc.  In addition to highly trained and experienced project and program managers, our full-time professional staff can assist clients in all areas of ship design, construction, and repair.  A partial list of our skills and services includes,

• Project engineers

• 2D Drafting

• 3D Modeling

• Offshore wind design

• Marine Consultancy

• Test & Validation

• Maintenance Planning and Execution

• Emergent Repairs (planning and execution)


We provide services to help our commercial and defense aerospace clients maintain, upgrade, and develop current systems or develop the next generation of advanced systems, tools, and techniques. In addition to the traditional roles, our engineering team includes specialists in the use of analytics for predictive maintenance and the application of automation tools and artificial intelligence. As the systems for both commercial and military aviation become more complex, we’ll provide the engineering to help clients prepare for what’s next.

• Research & Development

• Engineering Design/Simulation

• Testing/Validation

• Manufacturing

• Maintenance

• Embedded Systems

• Communication Systems

Emerging Markets in Energy

The transition in the energy market from fossil fuels to renewables is creating an array of new job opportunities. One need look no further than to the fastest growing job in the US - wind turbine technician - to understand how quickly the energy industry is growing and changing. This is reinforced by the third fastest growing job - solar photo voltaic installer. Opportunities abound in related industries as well - for example almost every week another auto manufacturer announces its intention to convert operations to electric vehicles. The growth in the renewable energy industry is outpacing the growth in the broader U.S. economy by 12%! Our experienced staff in the emerging energy marker includes

• Project engineers

• Mechanical engineers

• Civil engineers

• Electrical engineers

• Industrial engineers

• Environmental engineers

• Other technicians and equipment installers


As the demand for products surges, recent Manufacturers Alliance research found that more than half of executives ranked talent availability among the top factors shaping work in the next 1-3 years. Manufacturers are searching for new and innovative production methods that leverage Industry 4.0 technologies including cloud computing, robotics, machine learning, sensors, emerging network infrastructures and more. Finding the right engineering partner can help manufacturers develop and maintain business agility and resilience is challenging. TotalTek helps our manufacturing clientele solve their most pressing problems with skills in the following disciplines:

• Mechanical engineering

• Maintenance

• Electrical engineering

• Communications

• Product engineering

• Automation/robotics engineers and technicians

Medical Device Industry

The medical device design/engineering industry continues to evolve as the latest trends including the emergence of wearable medical devices, wireless technologies, data and security concerns, and useability grow in importance. User interfaces, once designed for physicians and highly trained technicians, now must be more intuitive to fit a wider range of non-technical users. Staying current in this rapidly evolving industry has never been more challenging – TotalTek Engineering is committed to meet these challenges.

• Research & Development

• Design

• Embedded Engineering

• Testing/Validation

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