Leadership Matters

I’ve been leading teams in the IT, Engineering & Healthcare sectors for a quarter-century now, and while technology evolves at the speed of light, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that the “war for talent” is and always will be a constant!   Every IT & Engineering leader is challenged to balance the hyper-growth…

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Color me Cynical – Letting Politics Outweigh Value in Shipbuilding


By Joseph Stark, Vice President Engineering, TotalTek Over the past 20 years, what is apparent to me is that repeatedly the U.S. Department of Defense, aligned with our elected federal officials, has prioritized politics over experience, value, and quality when making major shipbuilding acquisition decisions. Like the decisions made regarding the Base Realignment and Closure…

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TotalTek’s SAP pricing utility saves time and enhances your bottom line

Organizations of all types are confronting an array of costly issues – supply chain bottlenecks still constrain inventories[1], inflation is now at a 40-year high[2], open jobs are tougher to fill[3] and labor costs have increased[4] along with average employee attrition rates[5]. It’s anticipated that in addition to labor, outlays for insurance, medical services, shipping,…

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Making Digital Transformation Work

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: It’s a concept that used to be only on the IT wish-list. However, it was greeted by skepticism in many circles, arriving with a promise of a more efficient enterprise and bringing the potential for big implementation headaches and user adoption and cost issues. Some of the concerns may remain, but organizations today…

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Fundamental Recruiting Problems (and How to Avoid Them)

recruiting problems

Sometimes the complexity of today’s job market makes the prospect of securing an engineer or developer seem impossible. After all, if people are resigning their jobs, leaving the workforce, or jumping for larger offers, companies don’t stand a chance at successful and reliable talent acquisition, right? Not necessarily. The reality can be a bit less…

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A Shot of Confidence for Your Contractor Career

In any career, confidence can make a difference in helping a professional grow their skills and boost their value. It frees us to open doors to new relationships. It controls the fears of taking on new roles and new skills. It helps us trust ourselves and others to trust us. But while confidence should come…

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Stop Blaming the Talent Shortage and Start Reaching Skilled Developers

According to the November 2021 State of the Developer Nation report by SlashDataTM, the second half of 2021 featured a challenging market for recruiting developers. A “scarcity of talent” is often used to describe why organizations have trouble securing people with in-demand skills, although the reality is more nuanced than a simple talent shortage. The…

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Simple Questions to Expand Your Technology Career

Whether you are a committed freelancer or seek a path to a permanent role, you are very likely to struggle with career choices. Particularly in a world of complex and changing demands for technology skills, the path can be bewildering. With too little career development or research and you find yourself “living job to job,”…

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